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You Can Have a Celebrity Smile Too

How many times do you see movie stars on television and covet their perfect smile? Celebrities are known to have teeth that are straight, white and proportioned. After all, a smile is one of the first features that others notice, and its appearance can drastically affect how attractive, youthful…

FAQ’s About Sedation Dentistry

Not everyone enjoys going to the dentist. In fact, according to Colgate Oral and Dental Health Resource Center, 30 to 40 million Americans avoid trips to the dental office due to fear. Since we know that professional dental care is a non-negotiable component of a healthy mouth and healthy…

How Does Oral Health Change With Age?

It’s no secret that aging is not always pretty, and the mouth is no exception. Thus, when it comes to the teeth and gums, extra care and attention are necessary. To explain, it’s common for aging individuals to take prescription medications for various health conditions, from high blood…

Sedation Dentistry

Despite an emphasis on patient education and new-age techniques, a large majority of individuals continue to fear going to the dentist. In fact, many avoid going to the dentist altogether. Fortunately, sedation dentistry can be used for everything from invasive dental procedures to a simple…

Preventative Dentistry

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase preventative dentistry. Though it might sound new, preventative dental care encompasses a variety of practices that help individuals “prevent” or avoid gum disease, cavities and enamel wear. From daily brushing to regular dental checkups, maintaining healthy teeth…

Gentle, Yet Powerful Teeth Whitening With ZOOM!

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is big business, as individuals continue to seek the perfect smile. This is because teeth grow increasingly dull over time, especially as they are exposed to coffee, tea, sodas and highly pigmented foods. As a teeth whitening dentist in Marietta, Dr.…

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Though not everyone develops wisdom teeth, for those that do, it is likely that they will need to be extracted at some point. For many individuals, wisdom teeth removal provokes anxiety and dread, as the procedure has developed a bad reputation. The truth is, Read More

Dental Care Myths: What You Need To Know

Though good oral health can be obtained in just minutes a day, what is done (or not done) can have a dramatic impact on teeth and gums. Given the many myths associated with dental care, consider the following, as explained by

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Katesha green

Had a great visit! Janice was a pleasure and Dr. Porcaro was very personable. They both made me feel at ease. The doctors husband (can’t remember his name) was able to find the best financing to fit our budget. I would definitely recommend Grateful Dental to my friends and family.


Very professional place ! Scheduling appointments can be done quickly and very easily online. Clean and updated office. All the staffs are very friendly. Never have to wait long for my appointment. My cleaning went well today and a big thank you to Terra. She is the best!

sharon quadir

I have always had a pleasant experience at each visit. The wait time is not long at all . They make sure that the patient are always comfortable. So thank you Grateful Dental for your services.

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