Sometimes dental emergencies happen. If an accident happens and you need to see a dentist quickly to take care of a lost tooth, or you have severe oral pain, call to let us know you are stopping in and Grateful Dental will be glad to see you during office hours for dental care. Sometimes you don’t know where or how your dental pain started, and you need urgent assistance to care for the problem right away.

Emergencies happen, and Grateful Dental in Marietta, Georgia, is happy to accommodate when these things arise. Make sure if you experiencing severe pain, and especially if you are bleeding, that you have someone else drive you into the office.

Urgent Dental Care

Not every dental appointment can be scheduled months, weeks or even days out. Sometimes you just need to be seen that day because of the pain or due to an injury that needs to be addressed right away.

The dentists and associates at Grateful Dental can fit you in when you arrive so you can get the urgent care you need. We will need to know if this is something that slowly built up over several days or if it was caused by a traumatic injury. Then we will know how to adequately and efficiently treat the affected teeth and gums.

Once all the information is gathered, we will perform an exam and make a plan to address the issue or issues that we find. If the problem or problems cannot be addressed in one visit, Grateful Dental will make appointments for you to have the rest of the work done so you can be pain-free and have any chipped teeth or missing teeth fixed.

Grateful Dental can handle your urgent or emergency dental needs. Contact our office right away to let us know you are on your way!