dental implants

As part of our dental care services at Grateful Dental, we proudly offer high quality dental implant restorations to complete your tooth replacement process. An implant restoration is the final crown or bridge that is secured on top of the dental implant. Since this represents your artificial tooth, we work hard to ensure it looks, functions and feels just like a natural tooth. In fact, we’ve partnered with a leading provider of dental implants, Glidewell Laboratories, which offer the industry’s top choices for restorations.

To serve our patients best, Dr. Porcaro offers a full menu of dental implant restorations including traditional PFMs, Captek™, BruxZir® Solid Zirconia, IPS e.max®, Prismatik CZ™, Obsidian™ and Lava™ Ultimate. Each of these options provides unique advantages based on a patient’s individual needs and preferences. Dr. Porcaro will take the time to help you determine which type of dental implant restoration is best for you.

Restorations Over Implants

A dental implant restoration can include a single crown for one missing tooth, a bridge for multiple missing teeth or an implant-retained denture for a full arch of missing teeth. Regardless of what you need and choose, you can trust that your prosthetic teeth will look natural and remain securely in place during everyday function. Dental implants secure a crown, bridge or denture into the jawbone by means of a titanium post. This means that you can laugh, speak and chew with confidence, an invaluable advantage of choosing dental implants.

With our premier selections of dental implant restorations, patients gain the opportunity to have prosthetic teeth that are strong and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, most of our options are chip-resistant and stain-resistant for your convenience. We will also make sure the color, shape and form of your dental implant restoration is a seamless match for your existing smile.

Restorations Over Implants: Open-Tray Technique

Restorations Over Implants: Open-Tray Technique Step 1Restorations Over Implants: Open-Tray Technique Step 2
Restorations Over Implants: Open-Tray Technique Step 3Restorations Over Implants: Open-Tray Technique Step 4
Restorations Over Implants: Open-Tray Technique Step 5Restorations Over Implants: Open-Tray Technique Step 6

To learn more about our unrivaled services in implant dentistry, please contact us today to schedule an appointment. We are confident that we can find a dental implant restoration that allows you to regain a beautiful and confident smile after missing teeth.