Could You Wait Six Months for a New Smile?

People who are unhappy with their smile will tell you that living with a crooked smile is something they think about daily. Are you one of the millions of adult Americans who hate to look in the mirror? Do you constantly think about how much more confident you would feel if you had a beautiful, straight smile? If your less than perfect smile consumes your thoughts, perhaps it is time to consider your options for adult braces. Would you be open to braces if they were virtually invisible and it only took six months for a new smile?

A clear brace system called Six Month Smiles is changing how people look at adult braces. This “cosmetic fix” is targeted at straightening the teeth that are most visible when you smile. If you can chew properly and your bite is not problematic then aligning your front teeth can completely change the appearance of your smile in a relatively short amount of time.

Six Month Smiles addresses the two most common drawbacks that adults face when considering straightening their teeth, time and appearance. Apparent in the name; Six Month Smiles braces typically do their job in 6 months or less. Similar to traditional metal braces, however almost invisible, Six Month Smiles are comprised of tooth colored brackets and clear wires that are nearly impossible to see from a distance, and barely noticeable at close range. Patients wearing Six Month Smiles rarely ever have a problem with the appearance of their braces. Because this system does not have to adjust bite alignment problems, the actual time of wearing this brace system averages 6 months.

If you are tired of being unhappy with your smile, ask Dr. Leia Porcaro or your dental professional if you too could change your smile in just six months with Six Month Smiles.

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