Orthodontics can help realign your teeth by using braces or invisible realignment trays. If your teeth are misaligned, our dental treatments can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted at Grateful Dental in Marietta, Georgia. The process is simple and you can have a perfect smile.

Some people think you have to be in your teens to wear braces and get your teeth realigned, but that’s not true. Many children, as well as adults, have gotten a perfect smile using short term orthodontic braces. All it takes is the desire for a perfect smile and some time to make it happen.

The process may be a little slow; but with patience, you can have your dream smile that will last the rest of your life.

How Braces Work to Get You Your Dream Smile

An arch wire attached to brackets on each tooth slowly moves your teeth into proper alignment. You may have seen people wearing braces have different colors on their braces. These are the bands that hold the arch wire onto the brackets. You can choose to have fun with your colors or you can just use clear bands. It is completely up to you.

You can also choose to go with invisible braces, so your braces don’t detract from your smile during treatment. Invisible braces are perfect for adults and consist of dental trays you wear that slowly move your teeth into proper alignment. Each tray is worn for a short time until you get a new tray that moves the teeth a bit more.

No matter which option you choose, when it comes to orthodontics and getting the smile you want, you can get that smile right at Grateful Dental in Cobb County. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for you or a member of your family.