Are You An Adult Thinking About Braces?

While childhood remains the optimal time to reposition teeth and correct malocclusions, more and more adults are opting for braces. What’s more is that their decision is not based merely on aesthetics. Many seek braces as a solution for teeth that have shifted or have been lost over time, causing overlapping and crowding. For others, braces are a way to avoid tooth decay (since teeth are easier to clean when they are straight) and to eliminate stress on facial and jaw muscles from chewing with an uneven bite. Even so, if you are an adult over the age of 18, and you are thinking about braces, it is important to have realistic expectations about what braces can do for you.

Harvard Health Publishing provides helpful insight to adults that are considering orthodontic treatment. Here’s what you should know:

Adult bones have stopped growing. This means that not every structural change can be accomplished with braces alone. Depending on your wants and needs, surgery is sometimes required.

Generally, treatment with braces takes longer for adults. On average, they can expect to wear braces for two years.
To ensure that orthodontic treatment remains on track and is not complicated by gum disease or bone loss, adults might require regular visits to their general dentist and periodontist.

Perhaps another reason why more adults are choosing braces is that they are less obtrusive and more comfortable than in years past. For instance, the number of metal brackets placed on teeth on fewer, and they are also smaller. Metal braces, in particular, are extremely cost-effective, and provide an economical solution for those on a budget. Yet, given the many options, adults desiring a more discrete type of treatment may look into ceramic, tooth-colored brackets, lingual braces (brackets are applied to the back of teeth) or even orthodontics using clear aligner trays. Whatever the case, braces are incredibly versatile, and remain a tried and true orthodontic treatment for individuals of all ages.

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