Grateful Dental is Marietta’s trusted source for adult braces. We are a full service, family dental practice located in Marietta and serving children and adults in Marietta, East Cobb and the surrounding areas. We offer a full array of orthodontic services to help adults to achieve straighter teeth and more beautiful, confident smiles. Our talented dentist, Leia Porcaro, D. M. D., is one of the premier Six Month Smiles® providers in the Southeast. Using this innovative short-term orthodontic system, we are able to help adults achieve the smiles they have always wanted, without the time and expense involved in traditional metal braces.

If you live in East Cobb and are looking for a dental practice that offers braces for adults, you can turn to Dr. Leia Porcaro and the dedicated professionals at Grateful Dental. We are pleased to offer Six Month Smiles® braces to the residents of East Cobb, Marietta and the surrounding areas. Six Month Smiles® is a short-term orthodontic system designed to help you achieve straighter teeth in just an average of six months. The system is similar to traditional braces yet takes less time by focusing primarily on the teeth in the front of your mouth that show when you smile and by not making major changes to your bite. This system is also more aesthetic as it utilizes white wires and white brackets to move teeth into the desired position.

If you are an adult and have always desired straighter teeth but do not want to wear metal braces, call Grateful Dental today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Porcaro. After a thorough dental examination, Dr. Porcaro can determine if you are a candidate for this innovative adult orthodontic alternative.

Grateful Dental is currently accepting new patients and we would welcome the opportunity to care for your smile. Our practice accepts dental insurance and we work with many dental insurance providers. Please contact our Marietta Adult Braces Specialists today with any additional questions or to schedule your appointment.