Sustaining an injury in the workplace can be stressful and traumatic for you and your loved ones. You may need to take time off work to aid your recovery. If you require medical attention, costly medical bills will add additional strain on household finances. If you are injured in the course of your workplace duties, you must investigate your entitlement to workplace compensation.

Damage to the teeth resulting from a workplace injury can vary from mild to severe. Tripping, falling or being struck by an apparatus or machinery are common ways the teeth can be harmed. Disfigurement of the mouth is no less serious than any other workplace injury, even if you did not need to visit the hospital. Injured teeth may make it difficult or painful to chew food or speak normally. Changes to your facial appearance can devastatingly impact confidence levels. Your family may notice that you have become more withdrawn, or you may suffer symptoms of depression.

Even if your workplace injury did not directly affect your mouth, there could be a latent impact on the health of your teeth. PTSD or stress following an incident could cause you to clench your teeth and jaw more often, resulting in a dysfunction in the temporomandibular joint. Known as TMJ, this condition causes pain in the face, shoulders and neck. TMJ may misalign and damage teeth due to increased pressure or lead to an abnormal bite.

We Accept Dental Workers’ Compensation Cases

Filing a claim for workers’ compensation can be stressful, yet it is imperative that you pursue any potential entitlement following an injury. At Grateful Dental in Georgia, we are happy to accept patients that have obtained or are working toward claiming workers’ compensation. We will complete a detailed consultation on your first visit to determine the extent of any damage and devise a treatment plan.

Grateful Dental can work directly with your insurance adjuster to sign off on your recovery plan. Even if your injury occurred outside of the state of Georgia, Grateful Dental can still assist you during the workers’ compensation process, abiding by the laws of the relevant state.

Getting back to feeling yourself is the number one priority following a workplace injury. Bring your smile back to life by contacting Grateful Dental today.