When You Need More Than A Mint

Do you feel the need to always have some mints or a pack of gum at your fingertips because of bad breath? While you may be gaining a temporary moment of confidence, you are actually only masking the issue.

Bad breath can be an embarrassing problem, but one that is definitely worth sharing with your dentist. Halitosis, or chronic bad breath, goes beyond that overwhelming garlic breath after your Italian meal. Patients who struggle with bad breath on a daily basis need to get to the root of their problem for the best course of treatment.

Here are some potential reasons for your bad breath, which can be discussed in detail with your dentist for the best plan of action:

Compromised Oral Health: Many times bad breath is coming from bacteria in the mouth. The presence of gum disease and tooth decay can both cause a foul odor in your mouth. Addressing these dental problems is essential, not just for better breath but for your overall health and smile.

Medical Conditions: Certain illnesses can be responsible for bad breath too, including diseases of the lungs, sinuses, and digestive system. Diabetes can also cause chronic halitosis. You may need to make a visit to your primary care doctor to resolve your breath issues.

Diet: Strong foods such as garlic, onions, spices and fish are among the most obvious reasons for foul breath. Check your daily food intake for a possible bad breath culprit.

Smoking or Chewing Tobacco: Not only is the direct odor of cigarettes unpleasant, but tobacco can also trigger the development of plaque, cause oral cancer and contribute to gum disease. For better health and more pleasant breath, you should strongly consider kicking your nicotine habit.

Dry Mouth: Low saliva production can also be a reason that others are backing away. A dry mouth leaves you more susceptible to bacteria, which causes bad breath.

Never let your bad breath problem go unchecked. Your dentist can provide important clues as to why you are suffering from such an embarrassing condition. Grateful Dental Associates offers a range of bad breath solutions based on your specific cause, helping you get back to a confident lifestyle.

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