When Will My Child Lose Their Teeth?

Are you a planner? If you are tired of wondering when your child will lose their baby teeth, this blog is for you! Anyone who has a child between six months and three years old knows all about teething. Teething certainly is not the most pleasant experience for kids (or parents, for that matter). Cutting teeth causes mild discomfort, headaches and fevers on some occasions. We feel confident that if you have a teething child, you’ve learned about the ways to help ease teething pain. Once you are done with teething, you may begin to wonder about when the baby teeth will start to fall out!

As a rule of thumb, baby teeth generally fall out on their own when they are ready. Some teeth however are stubborn and don’t come out when expected. As a parent or caregiver it is important to monitor your child’s tooth development. Knowing when teeth will come in and when they will fall out can help ensure that your child’s tooth development is on track. Understanding when your child will lose their teeth can help you determine if professional attention is needed from your child’s dentist.

The chart below is a helpful guide for baby teeth. This chart lets you know when you can expect your child’s teeth to erupt (or come in) and when they will shed (or fall out). You can compare the guide below to your child’s current tooth development. It is important to remember that these are general date ranges. If teeth come in or fall out a few months early or late, it’s not too concerning. If, on the other hand, your child’s tooth development is considerably outside the normal range, you may want to make an appointment with Dr. Porcaro.

Guide for baby teeth showing kind of teeth and age when they errup and shed

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