When A Tooth Becomes Darkened

Whether individuals are committed to regular dental care or not, most understand that when a tooth becomes darkened, it shouldn’t be ignored. This is because healthy tooth enamel ranges in color from white to whitish-yellow to whitish-gray, according to Healthline. Specifically, this color comes from calcium. Yet, poor oral health, as well as damage and staining can make teeth appear dark or even black.

To better understand, teeth become darker due to inside or outside factors. Dentists classify these as intrinsic or extrinsic causes. For instance, intrinsic damage may include decay or infection that begins inside the tooth and progresses outward. On the contrary, extrinsic damage includes staining, tartar or injury that affects the outer layer of tooth enamel.

When it comes to tooth discoloration, it’s important to understand that it occurs over time, in stages. In other words, a tooth doesn’t turn black overnight. Rather, brown or dark gray spots appear near the gum line that eventually becomes tiny holes where tooth enamel has been destroyed. Given the fact that many darkened teeth have both intrinsic and extrinsic causes, regular dental checkups are important to identify decayed or damaged teeth early to avoid extensive treatment and repair.

With the latest advancements in dentistry, dental professionals have many options for repairing and restoring teeth. Yet, it depends upon the extent of damage. For example, when teeth become darkened by black tartar, dentists can perform deep scaling treatments to scrape plaque and tartar from the surfaces of teeth. Ultrasonic instruments are another option to remove tartar. On the other hand, when teeth have become discolored due to intrinsic causes relating to a cavity or infection, dentists may opt to place a dental filling, crown or even removing the tooth.

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