What Is A Granular Cell Tumor?

With the ability to manifest on any area of the body, a Granular Cell Tumor (Abrikossoff tumor) typically forms in various places on the head and neck, with a large percentage (70%) developing on the tongue. Because bumps and lumps are commonly found inside the mouth, however, individuals may not notice the tumor right away. Yet, when the growth becomes larger and does not go away, it is important to see the dentist.

In the majority of cases, granular cell tumors are benign lesions that are asymptomatic. They are relatively small, rarely exceeding 3 centimeters, according to V.S.P.M.’s Dental College and Research Centre. In addition, they are often yellow-gray in color with an irregular shape and fleshy appearance. While these tumors are somewhat rare, they are more likely to occur in women, particularly African American women, and the average age range is between 40 and 60 years old.

Like other benign lesions in the oral cavity, the cause of granular cell tumors is up for debate. Even so, it is believed that an altered metabolism of cells may be to blame. This is usually confirmed through a biopsy, which leads to a complete surgical removal of the tumor.

When it comes to any type of bump or lump in the mouth, dentists encourage individuals not to wait or make assumptions. Though most granular cell tumors do not pose a threat to one’s health, there is a small percentage of tumors that are, in fact, malignant. Early discovery and diagnosis of any tumor is key to seeking the proper treatment.

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