What Causes A Toothache?

Eliciting varying degrees of pain, toothaches are a relatively common discomfort experienced throughout the course of one’s lifetime, even for the most conscientious dental patients. While the first thought that comes to mind is the likelihood of a cavity, a toothache is not always an indication of a serious dental problem. Thus, what causes a toothache?

While only a dental professional can determine the exact cause of a toothache, it’s wise to understand the different types of pain experienced. For instance, if pain is sharp and stabbing, and is notably worse when biting on food, a cavity or damage to a tooth could be to blame. Yet, if pain resembles a constant throbbing sensation, the cause of the toothache could be an abscess or gum infection. On the other hand, some individuals experience aching and sharp pains due to sensitivity. Sensitivity could be the result of receding gum tissues or thinning of a tooth’s enamel.

Surprising to some, a toothache may also be completely unrelated to teeth. For example, individuals with a sinus infection often experience pain in their upper teeth, along with pain on the sides of their face. In addition, they may feel sore along the sides of their nose and sinuses, and may have nasal congestion. Even so, another likely source of tooth pain is TMD, which is temporomandibular joint dysfunction. For individuals experiencing pain related to TMD, their discomfort is often defined as jaw pain, and this may be triggered by bruxism (clenching or grinding of teeth). Yet, in more rare cases, arthritis, cancer, or impacted wisdom teeth could be to blame for one’s tooth pain.

When it comes to toothaches and tooth pain, the answer is not always clear. Dental professionals understand that because pain is not always severe, many patients put off calling the dentist. However, regardless of the intensity of your tooth pain, it’s never a good idea to ignore your pain.

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