Understanding Dental Crowns And Bridges

Dentists recommend dental crowns and bridges for a variety of reasons, from protecting weakened or fractured teeth, to covering a dental implant or as a replacement for missing teeth. Yet, when utilized together, crowns and bridges become a tried and true method of restoring one’s smile and protecting against periodontal gum disease and TMJ disorders from missing teeth. To better understand the dynamic of dental crowns and bridges, continue reading below.

Generally speaking, a dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth. Colgate reports that before crowns and bridges can be made, a tooth (or teeth) must be reduced in size so that the crown or bridge will fit over it properly. Next, an impression is generated that is an exact mold needed to fabricate the restoration, while a temporary crown or bridge is worn in the meantime. The process of designing a crown or bridge is important, because this will ensure that it functions well, and that it suits the aesthetic preferences of the patient.

Abutment teeth surround the empty spaces in the mouth on each side, and are used to anchor dental bridges in place. Dental crowns are typically placed over the abutment teeth, and bridges are then mounted and secured over each crown.

Dental crowns and bridges may be created using several materials and shades. Some of these include porcelain fused to metal (crown), a full cast gold crown and ceramic.

Practicing Good Oral Health Is Key

While dental crowns and bridges are prosthetic devices, practicing good oral health is key to ensuring that they last. After all, a dental crown can become loose and fall out. In the same way, a dental bridge may begin to fit differently if the teeth or bone used to anchor it become diseased. Thus, it is important to clean gum tissues regularly with fluoride toothpaste. It is also important to visit the dentist regularly.

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