Tooth Sensitivity

As temperatures grow colder during the winter months, many individuals enjoy hot cider, coffee or cocoa to keep warm. For some, however, hot drinks produce a twinge of pain in their teeth that causes them to pass on the season’s most beloved beverages. In the same way, cold drinks might cause teeth to hurt or ache, as well as sweet and sour foods and even cold air (WebMD). If these symptoms sound familiar to you, there’s a good chance you’re suffering from tooth sensitivity. Fortunately, dentists can help determine the cause of tooth pain, and develop a solution to help lessen the effects of sensitive teeth.

Chances are, if a person has tooth sensitivity, a portion of their tooth enamel has worn away. Tooth enamel is the outermost layer of a tooth. Because of its composition, it is considered a protective layer, as it helps shield nerve endings from coming in contact with certain substances. If tooth enamel is compromised, an individual will experience sharp, shooting pains when eating or drinking specific foods or beverages. Even so, while it’s not possible to replace tooth enamel, it is possible to prevent further damage.

A common misconception about brushing one’s teeth is that the harder one scrubs, the cleaner teeth become. On the contrary, heavy brushing destroys tooth enamel, particularly side-to-side brushing at the gum line. Thus, as a rule, it’s best to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and gently brush in a downward motion at a 45-degree angle near the gum line.

Additionally, it’s wise to consider the amount of acidic foods and beverages one consumes. A few examples are soda, candy and high-sugar carbohydrates. Not only do these snacks wear away tooth enamel, they can cause cavities and tooth decay. Yet, there are better choices that neutralize the effects of acids, while promoting saliva production that will wash away harmful bacteria. These include fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, cheese, milk and plain yogurt.

Sensitive Teeth? Experience Comfortable Dentistry At Grateful Dental

Dr. Leia Porcaro is a trusted dentist serving East Cobb and Marietta residents of all ages. For patients experiencing tooth sensitivity, Dr. Porcaro performs a comprehensive evaluation in order to identify and treat tooth pain. Most importantly, Dr. Porcaro treats the person behind the pain with the comfortable dentistry that he or she deserves.

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