Tips for Effective Brushing

If the truth be told, you’ll probably have to change some lifelong brushing habits to be more effective with your teeth brushing. We have some tips you probably haven’t considered that will help you achieve more effective brushing!

Since plaque in your mouth typically collects on the inside of your lower teeth, it’s a great idea to start there when brushing. Most people don’t even realize they have a brushing pattern and most often it doesn’t start in this important area. Bacteria on your tongue is the reason for the plaque buildup on the inside lower part of your mouth. So when you begin brushing, try starting on the inside lower part of your mouth.

Have you ever tried dry brushing? Dry brushing problematic areas with a dry tooth brush or a toothbrush with water is a good habit. When you pop into your bathroom for a mid day freshen up, try dry brushing your teeth quickly, but don’t forget that lower inside area. Dry brushing will loosen and plaque that has attached itself to your teeth during the day and stimulate your gums.

You don’t have to brush hard to be effective. On the contrary, brushing too hard can cause more harm than good. Don’t grip your toothbrush; hold it gently with a loose hand. Plaque can be removed with gentle brushing and gum stimulation is also achieved with soft strokes. When brushing, don’t just get your teeth, but also brush your gums and tongue.

So start your brushing routine with the inside lower part of your mouth, then continue with your regular routine, being certain that you adequately cover each part of your mouth. Don’t forget both interior and exterior brushing; don’t just hit the front of your pearly whites! Now smile pretty, your teeth will love you for including these helpful tips when brushing.

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