The Worst Foods for your Teeth

Most people would agree that food choices can have a positive or negative impact on their health. People eat certain ways to diet, feel better, lose weight, and gain weight or just to fend off a craving. When it comes to your teeth there are some clear choices when it comes to the best and/or worst foods for your teeth. Some of the worst foods top the list because they promote staining or break down tooth enamel. If brightening and whitening your pearly whites is important to you, you may want to learn about the foods that are bad for your teeth.

The worst foods for your teeth include:

Black coffee and black tea will stain your teeth. A rule of thumb for most foods, if it will stain a white t-shirt, it will most likely stain your teeth. Adding milk to black tea/coffee can help lessen the staining effects.

Red and white wines will stain your teeth. It’s obvious why red wine stains your teeth, but you may be wondering why white wine will stain? The acidic makeup of white wine etches tiny grooves into teeth, making them more porous and more likely to stain.

Sodas and sports drinks are full of sugar and highly acidic, again making the teeth more porous, and coated with sugar which promotes decay.

Berries are wonderful for your health, but can take a toll on your teeth. Dark berries like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and more stain teeth. Be sure to rinse with water after eating any type of berry or any fruit to help neutralize the acidity of most fruits.

Sauces that are deeply colored like tomato sauce, soy sauce are known as problematic staining sources.

Dark colored juices like grape, cranberry, and pomegranate all have high concentration of pigments that stain teeth. If you can’t do without your daily glass of juice, try drinking it with a straw which will help keep the dark stuff off of your teeth. You could do the same with red or white wine, it may however be frowned upon by those that know you best!

Ketchup and pickles are highly acidic foods that affect the pores of your tooth enamel. This type of acid opens the pores which allow stains in more easily.

Any candy or Popsicle that turns your tongue a color will also stain your teeth. If the candy is coating your tongue, the sugar and staining agents are coating your teeth.

Beets are a vegetable fortified with vitamins and minerals; they are however highly staining as is the yellow coloring in curry. Both beets and curry wreak havoc on your teeth.

Balsamic vinegar has a double whammy because of the dark color and acidity. Adding balsamic vinegar to lettuce in a salad is one way to enjoy this dressing. Lettuce has a natural agent that puts a protective film over teeth.

As you can see, some of the worst foods for your teeth aren’t bad for you foods. A great balance for your teeth while still being able to enjoy these foods is to rinse your mouth with water if you consume any of the food or beverages listed above.

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