The Truth About Root Canals

Do you wince when you hear the term “root canal”? If so, you are likely one of the many people who carry unfortunate misconceptions about root canals. First and foremost, root canals are not painful. In fact, they are designed to do the opposite. A root canal procedure may be the only solution to actually bring you out of pain.

Fact #1 Root Canals are Painless

With today’s advanced technology and improved anesthetic options, patients have every opportunity to receive a pain-free root canal. In fact, it is no more painful than getting a dental filling. While you may be suffering excruciating pain from an infected tooth before your procedure, a root canal is designed to clean and disinfect the tooth so that your pain is eliminated.

Fact #2 Root Canals Do Not “Kill” the Tooth

A root canal treats the inside of your tooth so that it can heal. The nerves and the blood vessels located in the pulp chamber are there for the development of a tooth when a person is a child or a teenager. As an adult, these nerves serve as a defense mechanism or warning sign that something is wrong with the tooth, such as decay, infection, inflammation or trauma.

Fact # 3 Root Canals Do Not Cause Long-Term Tooth Sensitivity

Although sensitivity for the first few days is common, it is not normal to experience persistent pain after a root canal treatment has been performed. Tell your dentist if you have lingering pain or sensitivity so that you can get endodontic retreatment if needed.

Fact #4 Root Canals are a Better Option Than a Tooth Extraction

If you think that extracting the infected tooth is the easiest or most inexpensive way to take care of your infected tooth, then you are mistaken. Saving your natural tooth through root canal therapy is not only better for your oral health, but it can save you from dental problems and costly procedures in the future. A missing tooth can cause the surrounding teeth to shift and become crooked, which is hard to keep clean. Due to potential bone loss surrounding your missing tooth and complications with the adjacent teeth, you will likely face tooth replacement procedures such as dentures or implants, which are far more complicated and costly than a root canal.

Grateful Dental is proud to help patients understand the profound benefits of root canal therapy as well as debunk common myths that surround this procedure. If you are experiencing dental pain of any kind, seek help sooner rather than later!

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