The Pros of Ultrasonic Cleanings

Technology has improved the way we do just about everything – this includes the way your dentist cleans your teeth. When you make the effort to visit your dentist for a recommended dental cleaning every six months, you are doing far more for your smile than you can possibly do at home. You have probably experienced a dental exam where your dentist spent time scraping on and around your teeth. This is known as a scaling and root planing, and it is necessary to keep your gums and teeth healthy. While past methods were restricted handheld metal instruments to get the job done, dental technology has offered more effective techniques using an ultrasonic scaler.

What is an ultrasonic dental cleaning?

This unique treatment method distributes ultrasonic vibrations to essentially blast away dental tartar, or dental calculus, from your teeth. It is important to note that calculus is a hardened (and stubborn) substance that can’t be removed by your toothbrush or floss at home. The ultrasonic scaler that your dentist will use produces sound waves that break apart the calculus deposits. This tool also enables water to flow from its tip so that the debris can be washed away and the device doesn’t overheat.

Ultrasonic cleanings allow the following benefits:

  • No metal scraping
  • More comfortable
  • Requires less time
  • More effective at cleaning plaque underneath the gum line
  • Prevents and treats gum disease
  • Reduces appearance of tooth stains

Dental technology tends to make procedures more comfortable for the patient, more time efficient and more effective – and that is exactly what an ultrasonic dental cleaning (or ultrasonic scaling) does. If you have a large amount of plaque buildup or you have periodontal disease, an ultrasonic cleaning is especially effective. It is known for reducing the progression of gum disease, which can prevent tooth loss and support your overall health. Many dentists, such as Dr. Porcaro from Grateful Dental, use both an ultrasonic scaler and handheld instruments for optimal results. If you want to experience a whole new level of clean when it comes to your teeth, schedule an ultrasonic cleaning with your dentist.

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