The Invaluable Benefits of Denture Stability

Today’s dentures utilize materials and technology that create an exceptional replica of natural teeth. In fact, others may not even realize you have dentures versus real teeth. If you have a full arch of missing teeth, however, you should know that there are multiple types of dentures. The most important variation is in the way they are secured. Denture stability is a critical factor in patient satisfaction.

Traditional dentures involve a set of prosthetic teeth that are mounted on top of a gum colored base. The denture set rests on top of your natural gum line and is held in place by special adhesive cream. Unfortunately, patients who choose traditional denture models often encounter slipping, clicking or popping in their dentures, especially when they eat, speak or laugh. This can be a real threat to one’s quality of life. Furthermore, as the contours of your gum ridge changes over time (due to progressive bone loss from missing teeth), you may find that you must frequently have your ill-fitting dentures adjusted for better comfort and stability.

How to Stabilize Your Dentures

One of the most revolutionary advancements in modern dentistry are dental implants. When it comes to gaining a more secure and confident denture, dental implants are the key. You won’t need a full mouth of dental implants to stabilize your prosthetic teeth, and you may even be able to use your existing dentures. In many cases, the surgical placement of 2 to 4 dental implants is all you need to support a full arch of missing teeth!

The option of using dental implants to anchor your dentures in place is called an overdenture, or implant retained denture. It is a straightforward process that will be explained to you in detail before you begin. By electing to stabilize your dentures with dental implants, you can expect the following advantages towards your health and quality of life:

  • Convenience – Skip the hassle of applying messy adhesive creams to “put in” your teeth each morning
  • Dietary Freedom – Unlike traditional dentures, you can enjoy all the foods you love, including hard/chewy options and the fiber-rich fruits and vegetables that are vital to your long-term health.
  • Confidence – Finally, you can let go of worrying about your teeth falling out or slipping awkwardly out of place when you laugh or speak.

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