The Ideal Straightening Solution For Your Busy Lifestyle

As an innovative and contemporary orthodontic system, Six Month Smiles offers the best of traditional braces and aligners, with affordability, a significantly shorter treatment timeline averaging six months, and clear brackets that are barely noticeable. Mostly geared towards teens and adults, the comfort and design of Six Month Smiles make them the ideal straightening solution for your busy lifestyle.

Using impressions taken by the dentist, clear brackets are fabricated for each patient, and are delivered to the dentist in a customized patient kit. The Six Month Smiles are applied in one dental visit, and include wires with a unique shape-memory that work in conjunction with brackets to gently move teeth with low force. During monthly appointments, patients receive new wires in various sizes according to their proposed treatment plan.

Without question, any short-term orthodontic system is exciting for busy patients and those desiring discrete treatment. Even so, is Six Month Smiles right for everyone?

Traditional metal braces continue to be at the forefront of orthodontic treatment, as they are a tried and true way to effectively achieve a straighter smile, particularly for complex dental concerns and bite alignment issues. While only a dental professional can determine one’s eligibility for Six Month Smiles, patients with the right expectations and reasons for treatment are likely to be good candidates.

Consider the following questions:

  • Do you desire a straighter smile?
  • Do you prefer a shorter treatment time?
  • Do you hope to avoid metal braces?
  • Do you have good oral health?
  • Do you visit the dentist regularly?

As a reminder, the Six Month Smiles system is a cosmetic option to orthodontic treatment. Thus, if you’re hiding your smile due to mild to moderate concerns, including crooked or crowded front teeth, there’s no need to “over-treat” your smile. Rather, let’s see what Six Month Smiles can do for you.

Dr. Leia Porcaro and the team at Grateful Dental are happy to be your premier provider of Six Month Smiles in Marietta and surrounding metro-Atlanta areas. Want to know more about Six Month Smiles? Your call is welcome today!

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