The Idea Behind Dental Tourism

While modern advancements in dentistry allow patients of all ages to experience painless treatments and procedures, the mere thought of going to the dentist leaves some feeling anxious and worried. As estimated, four out of five adults continue to fear going to the dentist, as reported on Patients Beyond Borders. Of equal concern is the cost of dental care. Thus, in comes the idea of Dental Tourism, which involves crossing the border to receive the dental care that one needs—at a lower cost. However, dental tourism has expanded to include advanced dentistry such as cosmetic procedures and other restorations.

At first glance, dental tourism may seem appealing, particularly for those with relatively good oral health and minimal dental anxiety. Yet, it comes with risks, and this is evidenced by the fact that a growing number of patients end up returning to a dentist back home following their treatment abroad. This is not to say that lower cost equals lower quality. It simply means that individuals should make other considerations when searching for a qualified and dependable dentist including their different standards, level of training and experience.

Additionally, because of the connection between oral and overall health, one must think about hygiene and preventing infection. For instance, we now understand that bacteria within plaque can cause platelets in the blood to clot. This becomes a serious health concern when a clot reaches the heart or lung. Moreover, bacteria and infection from periodontal gum disease is associated with diabetes and heart disease. When inflammation relating to gum disease is treated, it is easier to control diabetes, and this reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Dr. Leia Porcaro at Grateful Dental understands the idea behind dental tourism, and how it appeals to patients seeking affordable dental care for their families. That’s why she spends ample time getting to know her patients and helping them develop an understanding of their need for quality dental treatments. Having established trust, Dr. Porcaro makes every effort to meet patients’ needs in regards to time, comfort and budget.

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