The Foods That Teeth Love

Love is in the air this month, but I bet you have never thought about love in regards to your teeth. Research shows that teeth love certain types of foods and other types of foods well½ not so much. We often hear about sugary, starchy foods that promote tooth decay and plaque build-up. Rather than focusing on what not to eat, let’s read about a few foods that will help your teeth and smile.

Fruits and vegetable that are rich in fiber have several health benefits for your teeth. Fiber rich foods act as a detergent in your mouth, helping to clean and protect your teeth. Fruits and vegetables with high amounts of fiber increase your mouths saliva production. Other than good dental care like brushing and flossing, saliva is your body’s natural defense against gum disease and cavities. Saliva has important minerals like calcium and phosphate that are good for your teeth, so foods that encourage saliva production are foods that your teeth will love! Sugarless chewing gum is another great way to increase saliva in your mouth, so feel free to chew away.

Dairy products like cheese, plain yogurt, and milk are good for your teeth. Cheese, similar to fiber rich foods helps generate increased saliva production. Teeth are constantly being attacked by acids and bacteria; saliva helps neutralize acids and enzymes that are harmful to your teeth. Cheese, milk and yogurt are high in calcium and the phosphate, again helping to put beneficial minerals back on your teeth.

Polyphenols in black and green tea kill and suppress plaque bacteria on your teeth, preventing the bacteria from producing detrimental acids. Foods like low-sugar powdered juices, dehydrated soups, processed chicken, powdered cereals, and seafood all contain fluoride that helps strengthen teeth. We are all looking for ways to love our teeth and improve our smile. Next time you sit down to eat your favorite foods, think about eating some food that your teeth will love right back.

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