The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

You don’t have to be a smoker or coffee addict to have stained teeth. Dental discoloration can occur for a variety of reasons in patients of all ages. While dark-colored foods and drinks are a leading cause of stained teeth, you may also suffer from a dull or yellow smile due to certain illnesses and medications or from the natural aging process as your outer tooth enamel wears thin. The good news is that you don’t have to live with your lackluster smile. Teeth whitening has topped the list in cosmetic dentistry services for several consecutive years. A whiter smile can boost your self-esteem while helping you look younger and more attractive.

You’ve Got Options

When it comes to brightening the shade of your smile, there are countless options available. Teeth whitening involves a full realm of over-the-counter products as well as professional treatments from a dentist. While the upfront cost may cause you to shy away from a professional whitening treatment, you should know the valued returns on your cosmetic dentistry investment when you choose your dentist over a DIY version at home.

Solution Strength Matters

Regardless of which type of teeth-whitening option you choose, it will likely contain a solution of peroxide-based bleaching agents. However, the percentage or concentration of these products can make a significant difference in your results. At-home products generally have between a 3 and 20 percent carbamide or hydrogen peroxide solution. Professional in-office whitening systems from a dentist, however, often contain a gel with 15 to 43 percent peroxide! As a general rule, a stronger whitening solution of peroxide on your teeth equals a whiter, more desired result in a shorter amount of time.

Controlled and Managed Treatment is Important

Many patients opt for whitening strips or other at-home whitening options to gain a brighter smile. Unfortunately, this can lead to the misuse of whitening products by patients who are not overseen by a dentist. To some, “more is better” when it comes to applying store-bought whitening products. However, leaving a peroxide solution (even if it is low percentage) on your teeth for too long will dehydrate your teeth and irritate your gums. Patients may notice a lighter shade of teeth but also suffer from disruptive sensitivity and pain.

Professional whitening from a dentist eliminates the misuse of whitening products. Not only is the time of treatment carefully calculated to the health of your teeth, but your dentist will apply the gel with customized techniques to ensure your surrounding gums are protected from strong, irritating products. Whitening from a dentist is highly effective, but your overall oral health always remains at the forefront. Unfortunately, whitening kits bought at a drugstore are often a “one size fits all” system that does not account for your unique dental needs.

Overall Cost and Duration of Results Should Be Considered

The price of a pack of whitening strips versus an in-office ZOOM! Whitening treatment may be significantly lower. However, many patients have to re-purchase store-bought whitening products over and over again to get the results they want or to retain them for a longer period of time. These smaller expenses can quickly add up to a major cost that outweighs a one-time treatment from your dentist. Did you know that, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Americans spent more than $1.4 billion on over-the-counter teeth whitening products last year alone!

Ask About ZOOM!

Do you want a safer and quicker approach to a whiter and more confident smile? Choose your dentist. At Grateful Dental, we proudly offer ZOOM! Teeth Whitening. This is one of the most innovative and popular options in professional teeth whitening, and it only takes one hour out of your day. Zoom! is a bleaching process that lightens discoloration of the tooth enamel and dentin. The whitening treatment is performed chair-side, and the process is activated using a Zoom! Advanced Power Lamp. As such, the gel-like whitening substance contains 25% hydrogen peroxide that when broken down, provides superior bleaching to teeth without compromising their structure.

ZOOM! is known as a powerful, yet gentle solution for whiter teeth. Are you ready to take advantage? Call our Marietta office today to schedule your appointment.

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