Six Month Smiles

Are you an adult who has always struggled with a crooked smile? Have you spent a lifetime hiding your smile because you don’t like the appearance of your front teeth? If you are one of millions of adults who are self conscious of their teeth, Six Month Smiles could be a practical solution to straighten your smile!

This safe and effective corrective, cosmetic procedure helps adults fix crooked teeth in about six short months. Similar to standard orthodontics, Six Month Smiles uses proven orthodontic techniques combined with modern materials, in a modified fashion to offer adults a cosmetic solution to crooked teeth. Using Lucid-Lok clear brackets with tooth colored wire, Six Month Smiles are braces that are barely visible on adult patients.

The Six Month Smiles cosmetic brace system helps your dental professional move your front teeth quickly and safely. A key component of this treatment is the use of special nickel titanium teeth colored wires that are used to only move the teeth that are showing when you smile. Using a low force tightening system is a comfortable alternative to standard orthodontics. Six Month Smiles focuses on alignment of the front teeth rather than correcting bite issues or bite position.

Adult patients find that Six Month Smiles is often less expensive than other teeth straightening options such as aligner therapy, veneers or traditional braces. Look for a dental professional that is a trained and certified Six Month Smiles provider. If you have suffered long enough with crooked teeth, ask your dentist if Six Month Smiles is a viable option to correct your smile.

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