Single Visit Dentistry – CEREC

Disease, trauma or decay can cause teeth to become damaged or lost. When this happens, a dental restoration is often the answer. Thus, patients find themselves scheduling a series of appointments, spending lots of time in the dental chair, and even taking time off of work. Fortunately, modern technology such as CEREC, allows dentists to rebuild and restore teeth with a permanent, synthetic material in one single visit.

There are several restorative procedures in which CEREC technology is used. For instance, amalgam fillings (silver fillings) often break down or fracture from prolonged stress and decay. A CERAC inlay restoration can be used to replace and smooth out lost dental material, resulting in better stability for the tooth.

CEREC technology is also used in onlay restorations. Rather than replacing a damaged amalgam with more amalgam, a partial crown, or CEREC can be designed to cover the tooth’s surface. Not only will the tooth be preserved, the look and feel of the tooth will be natural.

Replacement crowns are often recommended to patients who have lost fillings. Typically, this will take up to 3 visits. Using a tooth-shaped cap, CEREC can restore the tooth to its natural shape and maintain the integrity of the tooth quickly.

In the case of veneers, dentists have noted that composite materials begin to chip away over time. CEREC technology corrects and establishes the teeth with a thin laminate of porcelain that is solid and long lasting.

In less than 20 minutes, CEREC technology provides dental professionals with the ability to create, restructure, and ultimately restore teeth. You can see why CEREC technology is a valuable addition to any dental practice.

At Grateful Dental, we are proud to use CEREC technology. We value your time and the predictability of CEREC. We are confident that you will be pleased with your results for years to come! Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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