Short Term Adult Braces can Work for You

Have you lived long enough frustrated with the way your crooked smile makes you feel? If it’s time to finally achieve the smile you have always hoped for, you may want to consider Six Month Smiles as a way to quickly straighten your teeth for a more affordable investment.

I know what you’re thinking; how can I straighten my teeth in only six months when traditional braces or aligners take anywhere from 18-24 months on average to straighten teeth? First and foremost it’s important to realize that Six Month Smiles primarily focuses on the teeth that show when you smile. If you have complicated bite problems, this is probably not the best solution. However if you are like many Americans and simply have some overcrowding, crooked or spacing issues with your front teeth, than Six Month Smiles can help. The process uses clear braces and the latest technology to gently and quickly fix and straighten the teeth that make up your smile.

Six Month Smiles uses clear braces; you will not have unsightly metal braces that alter your appearance. This barely visible alternative to traditional metal braces can be fitted and adjusted at your dentist office. Just because the straightening process is accelerated does not mean that pain and discomfort will increased. The opposite is true. Most of the discomfort associated with wearing braces comes from the repositioning and moving of bite issues. The low force tightening approach with Six Month Smiles is effective and less painful.

As is the key to any orthodontic treatment, you will need to wear a retainer after the braces come off. Retainers are the key to keeping teeth aligned and maintaining a picture perfect smile. In most cases wearing your retainers at night and while sleeping is enough for proper maintenance. If you are worried about your teeth shifting, ask your dentist about having a permanent retainer placed in your mouth. The first step to straighter teeth and a beautiful smile is sampling asking Dr. Porcaro if Six Month Smiles can work for you!

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