Sensitive Teeth

Many Americans avoid eating cold or hot foods because their teeth are sensitive. If you are one of them, you know first-hand how pain around your teeth and gums can affect your daily activities. If you’re ready to solve the mystery regarding your sensitive teeth, your dentist can help. With a complete examination and checkup, you can get to the bottom of your sensitive teeth, and begin to manage your pain.

To begin, having sensitive teeth is a real dental condition. Sometimes called Dentin Hypersensitivity, this refers to the material inside of the tooth. Containing microscopic tubules filled with nerve endings, dentin is protected by the tooth’s outer layer called enamel. While the enamel is strong, it can wear away. When this happens, the dentin is exposed, and tooth sensitivity begins.

Sensitive Teeth: Causes

Any of the following may result in sensitive teeth:

  • Wearing away of tooth enamel from aggressive brushing, or by using a toothbrush with hard bristles
  • Tooth erosion from a diet high in acidic foods
  • Tooth decay from fillings that have broken down, or teeth that are cracked or broken
  • Gum recession that has caused the gum tissue to wear down, exposing the surface of the tooth’s root
  • Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Considering the possible causes of tooth sensitivity, it’s easy to understand why it’s important to visit your dentist. Generally, an examination will determine the cause of your sensitivity, and the dentist can begin to suggest treatments. In some cases, you may need to have a cavity filled, or a filling replaced. In other cases, in-office fluoride gel or special toothpastes are recommended, along with other simple remedies. Even so, there are instances where more invasive procedures may need to be performed to protect the root surface and support your teeth.

Whatever the case, you do not have to live with sensitive teeth. An honest conversation with your dentist is all you need to get you going in the right direction.

At Grateful Dental, you’ll find high quality dental care in a supportive, caring environment. Led by Dr. Leia Porcaro, our office provides comprehensive dentistry that focuses on prevention and lifelong oral health. If you are suffering from sensitive teeth, we are here to encourage you by helping you develop strategies that will help maximize your dental health. We welcome your call today.

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