Sedation Dentistry Options

Despite continued advancements in digital dentistry and new-age methodologies, a large majority of individuals dodge the dentist out of fear or anxiety. Thus, to ease patients’ feelings of vulnerability and discomfort, dental professionals place a greater emphasis on patient education, including the option of sedation dentistry.

When asked about sedation dentistry, some assume that it includes general anesthesia only. On the contrary, different forms of sedation are available, and are administered based on a patient’s treatment and needs. One of the most common methods of sedation utilizes nitrous oxide gas. When delivered through a facemask gently placed over the nose, the gas “takes the edge off” so that patients can receive the dental care that they need without feeling anxious or nervous.

For other patients, an oral form of sedation, such as a pill is more effective. When taken an hour prior to treatment, an oral sedative allows a patient to stay fully awake, yet drowsy enough to remain calm and comfortable during treatment. Finally, as another alternative, IV sedation can be provided. With varying levels, IV drugs place patients in a deep sleep, such as the case when general anesthesia is used. Even so, IV sedation can be adjusted to provide a more moderate level of sedation, placing patients in a twilight sleep. In any case, however, patients receiving sedation through an IV rarely recall their dental treatment.

With a commitment to personalized patient care and helping patients obtain optimal oral health, Dr. Leia Porcaro is a Top Patient Rated Dentist serving East Cobb and Marietta, GA. At her practice, Grateful Dental, Dr. Porcaro offers sedation dentistry to ensure that patients receive the comfortable dental care that they need and deserve.

Does Dental Anxiety Have A Grip On You?

Have you avoided regular dental checkups or cleanings? Have you been told that you need a dental filling or other treatment? If dental anxiety has a grip on you, call the compassionate team at Grateful Dental today and ask about your options for sedation dentistry.

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