Sedation Dentistry: Freedom From Your Dental Fears

Are you apprehensive when it comes to visiting the dentist? Do you have anxiety, a low pain threshold, sensitive teeth, or a bad gag reflex? Have previous trips to the dentist been painful? While it’s normal to experience some degree of anxiousness about seeing the dentist, advancements in sedation methods have paved the way for patients to receive a variety of dental treatments successfully and with ease. Thus, Sedation Dentistry provides freedom from your dental fears.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Perhaps you’re familiar with the phrase, “laughing gas.” As a minimal form of sedation dentistry, laughing gas is nitrous oxide, and is delivered through a mask placed over the nose. For patients with mild anxiety, nitrous oxide simply “takes the edge off,” encouraging patients to relax. The dentist monitors the amount of nitrous oxide administered, and this form of sedation is safe and effective for children and adults alike. Following dental treatment, patients can easily drive themselves home, as the effects of nitrous oxide wear off quickly.

With the ability to provide minimal to moderate sedation, Oral Sedation is given to patients in pill form, and effects are similar to that of Valium. Typically, patients take the pill one hour before dental treatment, and they may begin to feel drowsy. Depending on the amount of sedation needed, a larger dose may be given. For some, they become relaxed enough to sleep during their dental treatment.

Often referred to as “conscious sedation,” IV Sedation Dentistry is a form of moderate sedation given to patients through an IV. While patients are not asleep and are able to respond to instructions and physical touch, many do not have memory of the procedure afterward.

Gentle Dental Care

Without question, Sedation Dentistry has allowed dental professionals to give patients the highest quality of dental care, while leaving them with a positive memory about their visit. Has fear of the dentist caused you to avoid going altogether? With care and compassion, Dr. Leia Porcaro at Grateful Dental delivers exceptional and gentle dental care to patients in the greater Atlanta area. Call Grateful Dental today to schedule your consultation.

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