Root Canal Treatment: Myths

The perception surrounding Root Canal Treatment and pain began many decades ago. To this day, whenever patients are told that they need Root Canal Treatment, many begin to panic. That’s why more and more dental professionals are making patient education a priority. With advanced technology, efficient methods, and communication with the patient, the myths about Root Canal Treatment can be laid to rest.

If you have been told that you need root canal treatment, dentists want you to know–Root Canal Treatment is designed to relieve pain, not create it. When the pulp, or root, of a tooth is infected, it is painful. Clearing the canal of the infected material is what Root Canal Treatment is all about. While the procedure itself seems invasive, great strides in dentistry and anesthetics have made root canal procedures simple and painless. In fact, many patients compare the procedure to having a filling placed.

Another misconception relating to root canal treatment is that it causes illness or disease within the body. As with other false claims, this myth is based on dated information and poorly designed research. Today, there is no scientific basis to support this information. Patients must remember that root canal treatments are safe, effective, and purposed to not only remove infection, but to prevent further infection. In addition, dentists aim to save as much of the natural tooth as possible during treatment.

For some, believing that root canal treatment is connected to disease in the body leads them to believe another myth–Tooth Extraction is a better alternative. The truth is, having a tooth removed significantly increases the incidence of bacteria gaining access to the bloodstream. Thus, tooth extraction is not a better alternative. First, it is always better to preserve as much of an individual’s natural tooth as possible. Root canal treatment allows for this. Second, tooth extraction is far more costly than a root canal restorative treatment. Third, teeth tend to function better for the long run with root canal treatment.

Have you been told that you need a Root Canal? Dr. Leia Porcaro at Grateful Dental is eager to speak with you. With the highest standard of care, Dr. Porcaro has performed many successful root canal treatments. You will feel at ease as she explains every step of your treatment. For patient-centered dentistry, call Grateful Dental today.

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