Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth is damaged or diseased, a dentist might suggest root canal therapy. For many, this causes anxiety, as there are many myths concerning the procedure. In reality, a root canal is performed quickly and comfortably, and is purposed to eliminate pain and restore teeth.

To better understand the process of root canal therapy, consider the anatomy of a tooth. Beneath the outer layer of enamel and the underlying layer of dentin, there is soft tissue called the tooth’s pulp. Blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues are inside the pulp, as they help a tooth grow. Yet, when a tooth is fully developed, it doesn’t necessarily need the pulp in order to survive. This is because the tooth can rely on surrounding tissues. With this in mind, imagine that a tooth’s pulp becomes inflamed or infected due to advanced tooth decay or an injury. In order to save it, the pulp must be removed, and this is when root canal therapy becomes necessary.

Given the latest advancements in dentistry, a root canal is a straightforward process. Once the pulp of the tooth is removed, the inside of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and sealed. A dental filling or dental crown is placed on the tooth to protect it. One of the greatest benefits of root canal therapy is that saves an individual’s natural tooth. The American Association of Endodontists adds that root canal treatment helps patients maintain their natural smile, while continuing to enjoy the foods they love. In addition, the procedure limits the need for ongoing dental work in the future. In fact, teeth that have been treated with root canal therapy can last a lifetime.

Qualified And Experienced Root Canal Dentist in Marietta

As a restorative dental procedure performed by top Marietta dentist Dr. Leia Porcaro, root canal treatment at Grateful Dental is effective and painless. If you’ve been told that you need root canal therapy, do not wait, as this can cause you tremendous pain. Call Grateful Dental today to schedule your appointment.

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