Restorative Dentistry: Treatment That Fits Your Teeth

While conditions such as Periodontal (Gum) Disease and tooth decay can be controlled with good oral care and regular dental checkups, there are times when additional treatment is recommended to restore teeth. Known as Restorative Dentistry, this umbrella term encompasses the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of a variety of oral infections and diseases. Depending on your needs, there are many options available, with a variety of methods and materials. Whether your treatment is minimal or more complex, Restorative Dentistry is all about treatment that fits your teeth.

Generally, four types of dental materials are used in Restorative Dentistry, including porcelain, amalgam, composite resin, and gold. Even so, there are variations of these materials that incorporate plastic and glass, adding to the versatility of restorative treatments today.

As a common restoration, fillings involve removing decay and repairing the surface of teeth to prevent future decay and cavities. A skilled dentist will be able to determine which filling material fits your teeth. This often depends on the location of the tooth as well as any aesthetic concerns that you may have.

For teeth that are chipped, cracked, or uneven, Veneers are a popular restoration that drastically improves the appearance of teeth. Porcelain or composite resin is bonded or cemented to teeth (mostly incisors). While Veneers restore proper function to teeth, they also help recreate a beautiful smile.

Other restorations such as Crowns, Partials, Bridges, and Implants remain widely used to restore the look, feel, and function of teeth, as well as replace missing teeth. There’s no doubt–continuous advancements in Restorative Dentistry guarantee that there’s a suitable treatment plan for your dental concerns.

Dr. Leia Porcaro at Grateful Dental brings a compassionate and conscientious approach to each patient, addressing the specific concerns of each and every smile. Are you wondering if you qualify for Restorative Dentistry? Call Grateful Dental today. Dr. Porcaro’s level of expertise in a wide range of dental restorations means that you will receive top quality dental care that you can feel confident about.

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