Wisdom Teeth Removal

Though not everyone develops wisdom teeth, for those that do, it is likely that they will need to be extracted at some point. For many individuals, wisdom teeth removal provokes anxiety and dread, as the procedure has developed a bad reputation. The truth is, wisdom teeth removal can be a painless procedure when performed by a trusted dentist with experience in teeth extraction. At Grateful Dental, Dr. Leia Porcaro performs painless teeth extraction and wisdom teeth removal using the latest technologies for optimal patient comfort.

As the last adult teeth to emerge, wisdom teeth come in on the top and bottom of both sides, typically in the late teens or early twenties. While some prove bothersome and others do not, the majority of dentists recommend removing them. As explained by SELF online, wisdom teeth are akin to the appendix—they’re there, but there’s really no reason for them, and sometimes they can unleash utter chaos upon the body. To explain, imagine that wisdom teeth grow in at an angle or on their side. Suppose they get stuck within the jawbone instead of fully erupting. Without question, this can cause pain, the formation of cysts and even damage to nearby teeth and bones. What’s more, for individuals having completed orthodontic treatment, allowing wisdom teeth to emerge is too risky, because they can cause crowding and misalignments (orthodontic relapse).

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If you’ve been told that it’s time to have your wisdom teeth removed, there’s no reason to fear. Dr. Leia Porcaro is highly regarded for her compassionate and caring approach, and she is an expert in wisdom teeth removal. When it comes to your procedure, Dr. Porcaro tailors treatment to ensure that you are comfortable and pain-free, along with a combination of sedation protocols. Even if your teeth are impacted, recovery should be no longer than a few days.

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