Preventative Dentistry

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase preventative dentistry. Though it might sound new, preventative dental care encompasses a variety of practices that help individuals “prevent” or avoid gum disease, cavities and enamel wear. From daily brushing to regular dental checkups, maintaining healthy teeth and gums is at the forefront of preventative dentistry.

The Oral Health Foundation describes preventative dentistry as the modern way of keeping a healthy mouth. Ultimately, the idea is to help people preserve their natural teeth and avoid invasive dental treatments. To explain, consider the two main causes of tooth loss—decay and gum disease. By taking better care of teeth, individuals can dodge these problems and keep their natural teeth. However, the best way to care for teeth is to partner with a qualified dentist and commit to a course of treatment that will help maintain good oral health.

As part of a preventative treatment plan, it is important to visit the dentist regularly for professional cleanings. These effectively remove plaque and hardened tartar that cannot be removed by brushing and flossing at home. In addition, this bi-annual appointment allows dentists to check for and treat small problems in the mouth before they become bigger ones. For example, if a patient is experiencing bleeding gums, which are typically an early indication of gum disease, a dentist can help reverse the condition before it becomes worse. In turn, if a patient has a dental filling from a previous cavity, a regular checkup is a good time for a dentist to make sure that the filling is still intact. Detecting issues early not only saves patients from pain, it helps them avoid the need for an emergency visit and the higher costs of dental repairs.

Preventative Dental Care Can Benefit Anyone At Any Age!

At Grateful Dental, we place a high value on preventative dentistry as a way to help our patients maintain a happy, healthy smile for life. While we believe that good oral care begins early, we know that preventative dental care can benefit anyone—at any age. To schedule your appointment, call Grateful Dental today!

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