Porcelain Veneers: Giving Your Teeth A New Face

Are your teeth stained or discolored? Perhaps your teeth are slightly misaligned, misshaped, or maybe there is too much spacing between your teeth. Dear Doctor explains that porcelain veneers can give teeth a new “face.” As such, a thin covering is custom-designed and contoured for each tooth, creating a beautiful and natural-looking appearance.

In regards to color, shape, size, alignment and spacing, porcelain veneers bring harmony and balance to one’s smile. For instance, while discoloration naturally occurs with age, some individuals experience staining from certain antibiotics and/or diet. These stains are difficult to remove. Moreover, wear and tear can cause teeth to appear shorter, flatter or rough along the sides and edges. Yet, porcelain veneers offer a bright white covering, along with a distinct shape that fits one’s facial structure and aesthetic goals.

In other cases, the size of teeth might be a concern, particularly as a person ages. Generally, teeth that are larger create a sense of youthfulness. Similarly, rounder teeth are often considered more feminine in appearance, while square-shaped teeth are more masculine. Fortunately, the advantage of porcelain veneers is that individuals and cosmetic dentists can work together to determine the right size and shape. In turn, when misalignments are mild to moderate, and there is spacing between teeth, veneers close the gap while also providing a more appealing appearance. What’s more, for individuals with uneven gum tissues, porcelain veneers can balance the height of gums that are noticeable above teeth. This small adjustment makes a big difference in a patient’s smile.

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