Pediatric Dentistry: Healthy Habits For Life

It’s safe to assume that most parents want the best for their children. This idea continues to gain support with an increased emphasis on non-GMO foods, exercise, sports training, and educational choices. Yet, one area receiving less emphasis is a child’s oral health. Some dental professionals believe that this stems from the belief that as long as children are brushing their teeth, they do not need regular dental care until later. This is why dentists want parents to know—pediatric dentistry is essential for establishing healthy habits for life.

Without question, habits are formed early. For adults that are less committed to their oral health, dentists find that their lack of commitment often stems from unhealthy habits during childhood. For instance, suppose a child doesn’t receive regular dental care, and they begin to experience pain from a cavity or infection. At this point, they are forced to visit the dentist during a time of high anxiety. As a result, they begin to equate seeing the dentist with pain, and this may cause anxiety about going to the dentist. On the other hand, when children visit their dentist regularly, they become comfortable with dental care, and begin to see their dentist as a trusted friend. Early appointments provide dentists with the opportunity to detect signs and symptoms of decay, so that pain (and costly repairs!) can be prevented.

While dental and medical professionals alike continue to emphasize the connection between oral and overall health, pediatric dentistry takes on an even greater role. This is because a number of diseases and disorders, including congenital heart disease, diabetes, asthma, hay fever, and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are associated with one’s oral health. Thus, management of oral conditions that exacerbate overall health conditions becomes an integral part of pediatric dentistry.

We Want To Be Your Family’s Dental Home!

At Grateful Dental, we consider it a privilege to provide high quality dental care for your family in one convenient location. We understand that many of your child’s dental habits are established early, and that’s why we are eager to partner with you to help develop healthy habits and healthy smiles for life. Dr. Leia Porcaro and the team invite you to call today. We want to be your family’s dental home!

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