One Visit Dentistry With CEREC

As advancements in dentistry continue to provide patients with higher quality restorations, there’s also a growing emphasis on time, safety and convenience. As such, patients are spending less time in the dentist’s chair, and are able to receive upgraded treatments that last longer. A prime example is one visit dentistry with CEREC.

Traditionally, restorations such as dental crowns, inlays and bridges have required invasive tooth preparations, messy impressions and multiple visits to the dentist. On the contrary, CEREC utilizes 3D photography and CAD/CAM technology to design and prepare virtual restorations—without the need for impressions. The sophisticated system is a natural approach to dentistry that relies on digital solutions and biocompatible materials. CEREC meets the highest standards available in modern-day dentistry and provides top of the line treatments. It’s a win-win for dentists and patients alike.

A Dental Crown In One Visit!

When a patient has a tooth that is severely decayed, broken or compromised, restorative dental treatment reestablishes the integrity of the tooth. In some instances, this involves placing a dental crown. The advantage of the CEREC system is that patients avoid the need for a temporary crown as they are waiting for their final restoration.

As an esteemed CEREC dentist in Marietta, Georgia, Dr. Leia Porcaro streamlines the dental crown procedure so that patients walk away with a permanent crown in one visit! To begin, the CAD/CAM technology is used to capture an image of a damaged tooth, which is then converted to a virtual 3D model. The new restoration is designed based on the model. With an on-site milling machine, the crown is carved out of a ceramic block using diamond-head cutters under the instruction of the CEREC computer software. The newly fabricated crown is bonded to the tooth right away.

If you’ve been told that you need a dental crown, and would like to learn more about CEREC dental crowns, Dr. Porcaro welcomes your call at Grateful Dental today.

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