New Year’s Resolution: Whiter Teeth

While jotting down your New Year’s resolutions have you considered adding whitening your teeth to the list? Did you know that a bright, white, confident smile is the number one characteristic people notice about the opposite sex? If you are setting personal goals for the year ahead, you may want to consider looking into professional teeth whitening; there are a number of benefits that make whitening a smart choice for self improvement.

Professional whitening is a great way to instantly enhance your appearance. Recent studies have shown that people with brighter, whiter teeth look younger and have a higher level of confidence. Professional whitening is safe and effective. With proper maintenance and occasional touch up treatments, professional whitening can help create a lifelong beautiful smile. Most reputable dentists offer whitening treatments that can only be administered by a dental professional. The KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System is one of the most reliable and effective bleaching systems available today. Dentists choose KoR because it successfully restores the tooth’s ability to absorb oxygen which allows the whitening gel to be absorbed and dissolve all types of stains easily.

The KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System is entirely safe and provides a whitening experience that delivers little to no pain or sensitivity. Many patients who have had a negative experience with other professional whitening systems choose KoR for this reason. Even teenagers 14 years or older can whiten. As a matter of fact, younger teeth whiten more brilliantly. This bleaching system is effective on patients of all ages from 14 to 90! All types of stains can be removed by KoR teeth whitening, even teeth stained from tetracycline and other medications.

The KoR system is done at home while you sleep with comfortable, customized bleaching trays. The trays are so comfortable that many people don’t even realize they are wearing them. For noticeable results and a bright start to your new year ask your dentist about professional teeth whitening with KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System.

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