Mouthguards: Why Every Athlete Needs One

If you have an athlete in your household, you likely have several pieces of equipment to keep up with. However, in making sure your child’s cleats or helmet fit right, don’t forget about another invaluable item of protection. A custom mouthguard protects your child in more ways than you think. They are designed to absorb and distribute the forces of impact that occur during sports. Whether it is an impact to the mouth, under the chin or a direct jaw impact, they can all cause potential damage to the upper and lower teeth, TMJ, jaw and soft tissues of the mouth.

Consider a custom mouthguard from your dentist in order to protect your athlete from the following:

Teeth Damage or Loss

Mouthguards that are custom fit to your teeth and bite will remain in place and protect your teeth from direct impact, which could lead to one or more permanent teeth breaking or becoming loose.


Choosing an athletic mouthguard means you are choosing to protect the soft tissues surrounding your teeth too. Your lip, cheeks, gums and tongue are protected because the sharp surfaces of your teeth are covered by a durable mouthpiece.

Jaw Trauma

Athletes reduce the risk for TMJ displacement and jaw fracture by wearing a custom mouthguard. It cushions and reduces the forces of jaw impact that could cause lifelong struggles with TMJ problems and painful chewing.

Although store-bought mouthguards are cheaper and provide a baseline of protection, it is worth the extra expense and time to get a custom fit mouthguard from your dentist. Not only does this ensure you get maximum protection, but it is also more comfortable to wear.

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