Misconceptions About Dentures

While advancements in restorative dentistry continue to provide patients with natural-looking options for teeth replacement, many continue to have the wrong idea when it comes to dentures. This is probably due to someone else’s experience or lack of information. With this in mind, let’s address the common misconceptions about dentures.

Misconception #1: Dentures are designed to last forever.

While dentures appear more natural than ever, they are still comprised of acrylic and/or porcelain. These materials can break, chip or wear down just as natural teeth can. The key to prolonging the life of dentures is good oral care and a commitment to regular dental visits.

Misconception #2: Eating is difficult when wearing dentures

Modern-day dentures are customized to fit. Thus, patients benefit from little to no restrictions on what they can eat, and most find eating and speaking to be easy. What patients need to know, however, is that dentures may require a reline or adjustment. This is necessary to help dentures function, so if you are experiencing difficulty eating or speaking, it’s important to contact your dentist.

Misconception #3: People will know you’re wearing dentures.

Today’s dentures are specially designed, with consideration of tooth color, shape, size and even facial structure and smile. Therefore, when dentures fit well and are taken care of, no one will be able to detect that you’re wearing dentures.

Misconception #4: Dentures are very expensive.

While dentures are an exciting and natural-looking way to replace missing teeth, they are much more than that. Dentures help patients maintain a youthful appearance by filling in their smile and jawline. More than ever, dentures are an investment into one’s oral and overall health, including self-esteem. What’s more is that dental offices provide flexible payment options to fit any budget.

Misconception #5: Once you have dentures, you no longer have to visit the dentist.

If you’ve read the previous misconceptions, you’ll know that this one is simply not true. A regular dental examination assesses more than your teeth—it is an important opportunity for dentists to check the entire oral cavity, as well as the neck and head. For those with dentures, regular appointments are necessary to ensure that dentures are properly cleaned and that they fit well.

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