KöR Whitening: Brighter and Better Smile

Looking for ways to revitalize your smile? Chances are, you’ve looked into teeth whitening. Once only a domain for celebrities, teeth whitening are now available to the masses, and are a safe, relatively inexpensive way to brighter your smile–and your life. Yet, does it matter which method you use? Is there a real difference between over the counter gels and whitening treatments at your dental office? Read on to see why KöR Whitening is producing brighter and better smiles.

Tooth enamel forms when you are a fetus, and this enamel gives your teeth their color–both as a child and as an adult. With time, however, your teeth have likely become stained due to the following:

  • Drinking dark-colored beverages such as coffee, soda, or tea
  • Using tobacco products (cigarettes or dip)
  • Poor brushing habits
  • Trauma to teeth (sports or other injury)
  • Grinding teeth
  • Natural tooth erosion (aging)

With the emergence of teeth whitening “on-the-go,” and over the counter gels, you’re right to question the effectiveness of teeth whitening altogether.

Because the microstructure of teeth is different among individuals, optimal teeth whitening results are achieved only when methods are chemically influenced to produce free radicals. The best methods allow for longer diffusion into the microstructure of teeth. The potency of gel is key to ensuring whitening results that you will love. This is why refrigeration is important. Heat is the enemy of whitening gel effectiveness. In fact, while NON-refrigerated whitening products are stored and shipped, they degrade and become acidic. This explains why many will experience pain and sensitivity after using over the counter whitening treatments.

KöR Whitening

From the moment of manufacture, KöR Whitening refrigerates their whitening products. They will remain so until you receive them at your dentist’s office. These trays, containing highly effective gels, are specially designed to seal out saliva and other fluids that would contaminate and hinder the whitening process. With KöR Whitening, teeth will continue to “whiten” for up to 10 hours (other methods allow for up to 30 minutes).

As top dentist in the Marietta area, Grateful Dental proudly offers KöR Whitening to patients. We believe that a brighter smile is a better smile. Call us today for a comprehensive consultation, and learn why KöR Whitening is best for you!

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