Keeping A Healthy Mouth With Braces

As a tried and true method of straightening teeth, braces improves one’s smile, as well as their speech and self-confidence. Yet, plaque and food collect on brackets and wires easily. Thus, if patients do not maintain good oral care with braces, they can be left with inflamed and infected gum tissues, stained teeth, and cavities. Read on to learn how you can keep a healthy mouth with braces.

To begin, consider your toothbrush. While a regular toothbrush is okay to use with braces, there’s a few technical things you should know. First, be sure to brush your teeth with the bristles aimed both upwards and downwards, so that you are brushing away plaque on both sides of each bracket. In turn, make sure that the toothbrush is not too large. A smaller brush with soft bristles is best.
If you are looking for another option to clean your teeth, an electronic toothbrush is the best (and simplest) way of doing so. These are specifically designed to clean around hardware in the mouth. With a rotating head, they provide a thorough and less time-consuming cleaning.

After teeth are brushed, take a moment to look at your teeth. If teeth appear clean, take your toothbrush and begin to massage other areas of your mouth that are known to breed germs and bacteria. Pay special attention to your gums, cheek, and tongue.

Gently massage your gums with gentle vertical movements. You do not have to use toothpaste at this point. You may simply use a rinsed toothbrush. The purpose of massaging gums is to loosen any debris or bacteria that may be lodged along the gum line. Remember–healthy gums are light pink. Massaging helps get rid of red, puffy gums.

Perhaps most importantly, see your dentist regularly! Even with the most concentrated dental care at home, dentists are skilled at removing plaque and tartar that cannot be easily detected. If you are willing to wear braces for a straighter smile, don’t you want a smile that is healthy, bright, and clean?

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