How Will You Smile Brighter This Year?

If you are like most Americans, you are happy to welcome a brand new year. With the fresh start of 2021, what strides will you be making to look and feel your best? While you may be listing resolutions to decrease your waist size or protect your wallet in the new year, don’t forget about the things you can do for your smile. When it comes to your smile, there are ways you can boost its health as well as improve its appearance. A brighter, more confident smile is an excellent goal for 2021.

Here are some habits you can implement to ensure you hit your goal for a healthy and beautiful smile this year:

Drink Smarter – What you drink can have a major impact on your smile health as well as its appearance. Stay away from energy drinks and sodas when possible, as these are high in sugars and acids, which create an open invitation for tooth decay and enamel erosion. In addition, coffee and red wine can be primary culprits for a dingy and discolored smile as the year progresses. If you want to do your smile a favor, make water your beverage of choice for 2021 or start using a straw more often.

Up Your Oral Hygiene Game – Are you brushing twice a day? Do you spend two full minutes brushing at each session? That’s what the American Dental Association recommends for children and adults. In addition, you should be flossing at least once a day. If not, you are missing up to 35% of your tooth surface. Consider boosting your current routine in some form or fashion, such as switching to a powered toothbrush or adding a mouth rinse before bed.

Stop the Chomping and Grinding – Are you known for chomping ice after you finish your drink? Does your bed partner tell you that you grind your teeth while you sleep? These are habits that could wreak havoc on your oral health over time, as well as drain your wallet when you need tooth repair or other dental treatments. Try to resist the urge to chomp ice or bite your nails this year. If you grind your teeth, talk to your dentist about a custom mouthguard to protect your smile at night.

Consider Cosmetic Dentistry – Everyone deserves to be confident in their smile. Unfortunately, few of us are born with perfect teeth. If you’ve always dismissed or put off cosmetic dentistry due to a lack of time or money, now is a great time to understand your treatment options. You may be surprised at how quick and inexpensive cosmetic dentistry can be. Services such as teeth whitening and dental bonding can make a drastic improvement to your smile with minimal sacrifice to your time, wallet or comfort.

See Us Twice This Year – In order to keep your smile in top condition all year long, don’t skip your routine dental visits. These should occur every six months, or twice a year. Not only will we give your teeth a good cleaning and polishing, but these exams allow us to catch dental problems at their earliest and most treatable stage. It could be the difference between a simple composite filling or a root canal with a dental crown. Don’t forget that two dental cleanings per year can help you maximize your dental insurance coverage as well.

How can we help you smile brighter this year? At Grateful Dental, we are anxious to do our part as your dental care provider. After all, by taking care of your smile, we are improving your overall health, your self-esteem and your quality of life. Here’s to a healthier and more attractive smile in 2021!

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