High Demand for Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you happy with your smile? If not, you may be among the 42 percent of people who said their smile was the first thing they would change about themselves, according to a recent study published in a June 2015 article by Dentistry Today. The demand for cosmetic dentistry is stronger than ever, especially as people see themselves throughout social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Fortunately, for the large majority of Americans who avoid smiling because of their teeth, there is something that can be done at their dental office. In fact, many cosmetic dental services are simple, one-visit procedures that can permanently improve your smile appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved in many ways as dental technology has significantly progressed. Today, advanced 3D imaging and technology is taking over messy impressions, which makes smile enhancing solutions such as crowns and implants more accurate, more convenient and much faster than ever before. Patients have options ranging from teeth whitening to a full smile makeover with porcelain veneers. There is something to fit every budget and virtually every need when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.

Some of the most common aesthetic concerns that patients have about their smile include discoloration/staining, chipped teeth, crooked/misaligned teeth and teeth that are too long or too short. Choosing the right cosmetic dentist for your smile improvements is very important, as it requires experienced skill as well as talented artistry for the most natural results.

It is true that most cosmetic dental services are not covered by insurance. However, don’t let that scare you away. You may be surprised to learn the easy financing options that are available to you at your dental office. In fact, many practices, such as Grateful Dental, accept low monthly payments using CareCredit financing. There is immeasurable value in an investment that helps you smile more!

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