Halitosis (Bad Breath)

While millions of bacteria make their home in your mouth, it’s no surprise that you may experience occasional bad breath. In fact, it’s fairly normal for breath to be less than fresh, particularly in the morning or after eating a particular food. Yet, when bad breath becomes persistent or long lasting, it may be an indication of a something more serious, not to mention embarrassing. Medically referred to as Halitosis, ongoing bad breath is a real condition, and is caused by a variety of sources.

When it comes to Halitosis (bad breath), you may not realize that you have it. This is simply because your nose adapts to the smell. On the other hand, if you notice that those around you are reacting the same (i.e. stepping away, creating distance when you speak to them, or even making a face), this may be your clue.

Common Causes of Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Poor Dental Hygiene: When food particles remain in the mouth, wedged between teeth and gums, they will begin to decay without proper brushing or flossing. Over time, individuals may develop early stage gum disease (Gingivitis), which also contributes to bad breath.

Respiratory Infections: Colds, Throat, or Sinus Infections are known to cause bad breath.

Foods, Beverages, Habits: Garlic, onions, and coffee will certainly add to your bad breath dilemma. Yet, lifestyle choices such as chewing tobacco and smoking will cause bad breath to linger as well.

Illness: Diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, lung disease, and acid reflux cause bad breath.

Dry Mouth: Caused by problems with the salivary gland, medication, or breathing through the mouth, individuals with dry mouth lack sufficient saliva to wash away odor-causing bacteria.

How Will My Dentist Help?

While you may assume that regular dental checkups are for cleaning teeth only, they are also very important in eliminating the causes of bad breath. With special consideration of a patient’s health history, along with an examination of the teeth and gums, dental professionals can begin to connect the dots, determining the chief causes of your bad breath.

At Grateful Dental, Dr. Leia Porcaro and our compassionate team welcome you to our practice today. If you think that you may have bad breath, we understand that this is a personal and sensitive matter. That’s why we’ll devote ample time getting to know you, while developing an oral care regimen that will help improve your oral health. For comfort and convenience, call Grateful Dental today.

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