Get Rid Of Your Gummy Smile

There are many attributes that are considered aesthetically pleasing when it comes to your smile, including white teeth, straight teeth, proportionally sized teeth, etc. However, the appearance of your gums can also play a role in determining how confident you are in your smile. If you feel that your gums overshadow your upper teeth or they appear too short compared to the amount of gingival tissue displayed, then you likely suffer from a “gummy smile” or excessive gingival display.

The truth is, there is no reason you should be afraid to show off your pearly white because of excessive gum tissue. There are effective treatment options available at your dental office, both surgical and non-surgical options.

What Causes A Gummy Smile?

There are several reasons you have excessive gingival display, including the following:

  • Abnormal eruption teeth – Your teeth may be appropriate in length but covered by excessive gum tissue
  • Hyperactive lip muscle – If your lip muscle is overactive, your upper lip will lift higher than normal and expose more gum tissue.
  • Abnormal jawbone development – If there was a protrusion of the upper jaw within the gum tissue, you would notice a more gummy appearance while smiling.

What Are The Treatment Options?

Your facial muscles, lips and teeth size all have to be taken into consideration along with your gum tissue when determining the most attractive outcome. Depending on what your specific causes are, your dentist may need to refer you to a specialist for proper treatment. A gummy smile can be treated with the following:

  • Gingival Recontouring – In minor cases, your dentist can use soft tissue lasers to help create a brand new gumline contour and improve uneven gum tissue.
  • Crown Lengthening – Crown lengthening makes the teeth look fuller rather than covered by gum tissues. This is often used in conjunction with other types of therapies such as periodontal procedures, crowns or even veneers.
  • Oral Surgery – Depending on the extent of your excessive tissue, your gummy smile may be attributed to anatomical structures including the formation of your jaws.

Regardless of how severe your gummy smile is, if it is making you feel self-conscious or smile less, it is worth talking to your dentist about.

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