Five signs that you should see a dentist

Has it been a while since you have been to the dentist? Are you starting to have some issues in your mouth that are raising concern? It is better to play it safe than sorry when it comes to your oral health, by scheduling a checkup with your local dentist. If you have been putting it off, you are probably overdue for a thorough dental exam.

There are certain signs or symptoms that you should not ignore when it comes to your dental health; and a toothache is one of them. A toothache can range in location and intensity. A cavity is most often the reason for a toothache; however it can also be a sign of gum disease, an abbess or an impacted tooth. Sometimes dental patients that suffer from sinus allergies or sinus infections can mistake sinus swelling for a toothache. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort from a toothache, call your dentist immediately.

Tooth sensitivity is another dental sign or symptom that can become problematic. Sometimes tooth sensitivity is more than mild discomfort when drinking hot or cold beverages. More serious problems like a tooth fracture, tooth decay, worn out fillings, exposed roots, gum disease or worn tooth enamel can be the cause for tooth sensitivity. Ask your dentist for the best way to treat sensitive teeth.

Red, sore or bleeding gums could be a reason for concern. Irritated gums can be the early signs of gum disease called gingivitis. Irritated gums can also be caused by brushing too hard with your toothbrush, or flossing for the first time in a while. If you develop a mouth sore that lasts longer than a week, please call your dentist. Mouth sores can be caused by a number of things, but persistent soars should be examined by a dental professional. Bad breath, especially newly developed bad breath is another sign that something could be array in your mouth. If you develop any problematic mouth symptoms that cause you to think twice, do yourself a favor and schedule a dental checkup with your dentist.

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