Do I Need Emergency Dental Care?

As schools have closed across the metro-Atlanta area, families participate in traveling, sports and other memory-making activities. While no one anticipates an emergency, accidents can happen at any time. That’s why it’s important to know what kinds of injuries constitute emergency dental care. As such, you can make the right choice concerning your teeth.

Colgate lists the most common types of mouth injuries. These include cracked, broken or knocked out teeth, as well as sports-related injuries and falls. Yet, not all of these require an emergency trip to the dentist. It comes down to the severity of the trauma, as well as the location of the tooth. While a chipped tooth can usually wait until normal operating hours, when a large piece of a tooth breaks away, immediate attention is needed. The same is true when a tooth is completely knocked out.

As a rule, if a tooth becomes dislodged or is knocked out, try to touch the tooth as little as possible. If you are able to position or place it back in the socket, do so. Otherwise, wash the tooth off and place it in a container of milk or saliva while you are on the way to the dentist. If bleeding persists from the tooth’s socket, biting down on a cold, wet compress or moistened tea bag can help stop bleeding and alleviate discomfort and inflammation.

Because dental ailments come in all shapes, sizes and degrees of pain, it might not be as clear-cut as a broken or knocked out tooth. For example, if you notice that one of your permanent teeth becomes loose, it is wise to schedule an emergency dental visit to check for infection or nerve damage. It’s also important to call your dentist if a toothache has turned severe, or if you experience sharp pain in a tooth when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. Finally, it’s a good idea to call your dentist right away if you notice that your jaw is swollen.

Urgent Dental Care When You Need It The Most

Dr. Leia Porcaro and the team at Grateful Dental understand that emergencies can happen at any moment. That’s why we make every effort to provide urgent dental care when you need it the most. If you are experiencing pain or if you’ve noticed a sudden change in your oral health, call Grateful Dental today!

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