Digital X-rays

All around the country, digital dental X-rays are showing up in dental offices. There are some advantages for the patient with digital X-rays and for the dentist. Digital x-raysare taking the place of standard, film based dental X-rays. No matter which type of X-rays your dentist uses, it is vital to understand the importance of X-rays in dentistry.

Having regular dental X-rays of your teeth is important for a number of reasons. X-rays can show or expose tooth decay that is hidden from the naked eye. X-rays show dentists a developing tooth abscess, tumor or cyst. With dental X-rays it is possible to locate and see extra teeth or if your teeth are impacted. Your dentist can check the state of existing fillings, crowns, root canals and bridges. There are other important factors that X-rays play in your dental health, but you can see why it is important for your dentist to have up to date X-rays of your mouth. Of course with dental X-rays comes a slight amount of radiation exposure.

New digital X-rays have an advantage over traditional X-rays because they offer an 80% reduction of radiation exposure to the patient. Digital X-rays deliver an almost instantaneous image for the dentist to review. Digital X-rays can be stored in a computer and easily shared from doctor to doctor for consultations. The image quality of digital X-rays is very similar to film X-rays but there is no film or processing chemicals needed with the new digital option.

Digital X-rays can make your visit to the dentist more pleasant and you will spend less time in the chair. The advancement in Digital X-ray technology is quite expensive, but most dental offices are absorbing the cost because of the many benefits of Digital X-ray technology.

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